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Written and accurate as at: 12 Sep 2019

For many of us, we often imagine retirement as that chapter in our life when we can finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labours, which we worked so hard to accumulate.

Given this, as we enter retirement, a shift from employment income to income derived from a combination of retirement savings and potential Age Pension entitlements often occurs.

However, this is not to say that employment income completely falls off the radar in retirement. For some of us, we continue to participate in some form of employment, whether it be casual or part-time work.

In this animation, we illustrate the reasons* why some of us continue to (or recommence) work and the benefits* of doing so, as well as important considerations to be aware of.

*Australian Research Council. (2017). Work Well; Retire Well. Findings from the Work, Care, Health and Retirement: “Ageing Agenders” Project 2017.