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[nectar_dropcap color=”#0071bc”]I[/nectar_dropcap] ask my clients to share a lot of themselves when working with them to design their financial future. So….I thought it was time that I should share a little of myself.  I’ve always had a passion for photography and when I was much younger used to spend many hours in the darkroom totally transfixed as images began to appear on the paper as they developed.

However as the priorities of work and raising kids took more importance, the photography fell into the background, but the inner photographer never left.

In the last couple of years however this has been rekindled.

I have been enthused by the digital age, and the ability to now capture an image, process that image with software, in much the same way as we would have once done in a darkroom (I use Adobe Light Room for those interested), and ultimately take that image to print to hang and display.

I am fascinated by changing light, and usually view the world around me as if through a lens.  I always wonder how a particular scene would look in print.

Even better also that I have young grandchildren, because they make great subjects.

So it was the case with this image, I have always been drawn to this view of the lake.  As it happens I was sitting in the office and looked out the window around 5:30 and knew that the light conditions would be perfect for this.

I raced home grabbed the camera and shot this image.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be loading a few of my favourite images to the website to share.

I hope you enjoy.