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Please find attached a summary of the Government Financial Assistance Package.

I have focused only on the Family Package at this point; hopefully anyone in business will have discussed with their accountants the broader business support measures.

As we move further into lock-down, you will likely know of people who are impacted by the loss of employment, or a downturn in their business activities. Hopefully, this document will provide you with more information as to what is being made available.

I would also venture to suggest that a further roll-out of support will be announced as we move forward. The Government will be keen to continue to offer support as we move into the next phase of this shutdown.

Any questions?

We understand that there are a lot of moving pieces to this whole situation.

We also note from Social Media Channels that a lot of people are making changes to their superannuation on the basis that they have “lost” money.

If you know of anyone who is considering this, please encourage them to seek advice before doing so. A decision now of this nature, based on emotion, will have far-reaching implications, and what feels like the right thing is more than likely not.

We appreciate that you may have questions, so again we say feel free to ask.

We also appreciate that you may have family or friends who are facing financial hardship, or in turn, may have questions, again, please feel free to put them in contact, and we will do our best to support them and answer questions.

Until then.

Kind regards, take care and…. enjoy good things.

Andrew Rowan.