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Quite simply, we help people achieve their lifestyle goals by helping them better manage their financial affairs.  In doing so we provide advice across all aspects of your financial requirements.


  • Cash Flow Management
  • Risk Management
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Self Managed Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Direct Share Investments
  • Managed Funds
  • Estate Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tax Planning


You can view our complete Financial Services Guide (FGS) and Privacy Statement by clicking the button below.

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At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management our preference is to invest client’s money in investments that do not pay either upfront or ongoing commissions.

Sometimes this is not always possible however.  This is because there are some excellent products that do pay financial advisers a commission, so in circumstances where believe that a certain investment product is best suited for our client, and where we do receive a commission payment, then we fully rebate this to you.

With the move to fee-for-service gaining popularity we have found some financial planners simply operating on a percentage of the money that they invest for you.

Whilst there is nothing necessarily wrong about this, at Andrew Rowan Wealth Management, we have structured our fee arrangements around a flat dollar fee, or a combination of flat dollar and funds based charge depending on the service we provide you.

Typically we arrange for our fees to be debited directly from the client’s bank account, rather than from an investment or superannuation fund as is often the case with other fee-for-service arrangements.

We believe that in charging our clients this way they can more readily identify the fees they pay to us, this means that we are always accountable to our client’s as the fees are always transparent.


For many years now we have advocated ‘fee for service’. What this means is we get paid for the advice we provide, not for the products we recommend.  We believe this removes any conflicts of interest when it comes to the investment of your money.

In recent times there has been an ongoing debate between whether or not financial planners should receive commissions or charge on a fee-for-service basis.

When it comes to the investment of your money we believe that it is important that the adviser making a recommendation is not influenced by commissions, or soft dollar payments such as “free” holidays, corporate box days, marketing support or any other financial incentive for recommending their product.

We believe that a fee-for-service arrangement provides for a full and proper disclosure of the money we earn from providing a financial planning service.

Nothing is hidden.


We charge fees only after you have decided to engage us in a client/adviser relationship.

This means that our initial meeting, and any subsequent meetings are at our cost and are obligation free.

Once you decide that you would like to proceed further and receive advice from us we will prepare an engagement document which will outline that nature of our service to you and the scope of our advice, and the fees we have set in regards to your situation.

We set a fee for our initaial advice and the implementation of that advice, and then a separate fee for our ongoing service.

To find out more about our fees and charges and how they might apply to you, please view our complete Financial Services Guide (FGS) by clicking the button below.

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We understand that the world of personal finance is seen by many as complex and mysterious. Our aim is to cut through the complexity and mystery to help you achieve your lifestyle goals and objectives through sound planning and disciplined management of your hard earned money. 

At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management we believe there is no such thing as a set and forget plan. Our approach is based on the concept of a “living” financial plan, one that evolves as you move through life’s many changes. 

Therefore, the core of our service offer revolves around an ongoing relationship. We undertake to educate and inform you as you move towards the achievement of your goals. 

Building wealth is not a short-term project, sometimes it can take years before the foundations we have put in place bear fruit. 

Our ongoing process is proactive in nature; it is driven by us and is centred on an Annual Planning Meeting conducted each year. The annual planning meeting is important simply because things change. 

It is important to retest your planning strategy, to reconfirm or reset your objectives, and to refocus on what we are doing together.

In our experience there are five elements to any sound financial management plan; 

  • Establish clear goals and objectives;
  • Obtain the right advice;
  • Act on and implement the advice in a timely manner;
  • Have a systematic approach to investing;
  • Engage in an ongoing and reliable support system.


We have a very specific and well-honed process that we undertake with clients to create their strategic financial plan.

Once we have established your strategy we then coach you to make smart choices about your money, to achieve your personal goals and ultimately live a life of value. 

We know that the clearer that you are about where you want to be in the future and what is important to you, the easier your decisions become. 


The aim of this meeting is to determine whether or not there is a “fit” between your needs and the service we provide. We want to understand the issues you are facing, your values, as well as your lifestyle goals and aspirations.

During this meeting we will also give you an overview of our financial planning service offer, how we might be able to help you, and provide you with an estimate of our fees as applicable to your situation.


We will ask you to gather specific information in relation to your financial position, as well as ask you to complete a lifestyle goals questionnaire, and risk profile questionnaire.

Once we have compiled this information we then set about creating a draft financial strategy outline for further discussion with you.


At this meeting we take you through your financial strategy which has been designed to take you towards your personal objectives.

At this time we confirm that we have fully understood your financial and lifestyle goals, values, and have addressed any areas of concern that you might have.

We also take into account any input you might have in the development of your financial strategy and fine tune the plan if necessary.


Once we have agreed on the strategy we then set out our recommendations in writing for you.

We will send you the financial plan (statement of advice) as well as any supporting material.

We ask that you take the time to fully read this document and to note any questions that you might have regarding your financial strategy and recommendations.


This meeting is designed to cover any questions that you may have about our financial strategy and relationship.

If there are no modifications required we ask you to sign an authority to proceed so that we can set about implementing our recommendations.


This is one of the most important steps in the planning process. It is during this time that we undertake the implementation of our recommendations to ensure their timely completion.

We will also communicate with you to ensure that you are a fully informed along the way.


Approximately 6 weeks after we have implemented your strategy we conduct a formal meeting to review how things are proceeding.

We want to make sure that you understand what has been happening for you up to this date and that you understand any documents that might have been sent out to you.

We also outline what can be expected for the remainder of your first year and the lead up to an annual planning meeting.


This is the cornerstone of our financial planning service because it is the time that we ask you to formally review your lifestyle and financial goals.

It is also the time that we “retest” your financial strategy in light of your goals as well as any legislative changes that may have occurred during the year.

We also review any of the key variables in your strategy such as you spending plan and the performance of your investments (where appropriate).