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This checklist is great to refer to if you are preparing a Will or reviewing a current Will.

Written and accurate as at: 15 Feb 2011

Estate planning is the planning you do in relation to the management and passing of your assets and liabilities upon your death.

When you die, your assets will go somewhere, whether you have consciously planned it or not, the Will is the main document to facilitate the distribution of an individual’s assets.

Below is a checklist which we encourage you to refer to if you are preparing a will or reviewing a current Will.

  • Have you determined what assets and liabilities you have and what is included in your estate and what is not?
  • Have you determined who your beneficiaries are?
  • Have you considered all of your dependants, including spouse(s), children and so on?
  • Have you determined what you want your beneficiaries to receive of your estate?
  • Have you appointed an appropriate executor of your Will?
  • Have you asked if they are willing to act in this role?
  • Is it worth having a backup executor?
  • If you have dependant children, have you appointed a guardian?
  • Have you considered where you want to be buried?
  • Have you considered where assets such as your superannuation and insurance policies will go?
  • Do you want to give any amounts to charity?
  • Do you have any complicated matters, like businesses or previous relationships?
  • Where will you keep your Will?
  • Have you appointed Powers of Attorney?

If you have any concerns regarding your Will or estate, do not hesitate to call us.