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Welcome to Andrew Rowan Wealth Management

Why we do what we do?

It’s simple, to help our clients live a better life, that has been my driving passion for over 25 years.

Andrew Rowan

At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management we help our clients to identify their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the way they want to live their life. We recognise that living a successful life means many different things to many different people and that is why we spend so much time with our clients to understand what is deeply important to them in life.

We then partner with our clients to design, build and set in motion their own unique financial life plan that will give them the greatest sense of certainty of living their ideal life, sooner rather than later. We believe that life success is achieved through rigorous planning that leaves nothing to chance, and by making fully informed financial decisions based on quality advice from qualified professionals who have their clients’ utmost best interests at heart.

We know that life is a journey and that our clients’ circumstances will change over time but we also recognise that the ultimate achievement of our clients’ hopes, dreams and aspirations will necessitate ongoing attention and that is why we meet with our clients regularly to monitor their progress and to help keep them on track.

At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management we are genuinely focused on and work hard to help our clients to live a better life.



Quite simply, we help people achieve their lifestyle goals by helping them better manage their financial affairs.


At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management we have provided you with this tool so that you can compare the cost suitable cover.


Some useful articles and helpful answers to some questions you might have about wealth management.


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September 30, 2015

$20,000 Accelerated Depreciation for Small Business

In measures handed down in the May 2015 Federal Budget, small business was a big winner with the announcement of the $20,000 tax write-off to purchase individual items relating to the business. The former write-off…
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August 26, 2015

Market Movements – August 2015

One could be given for thinking that news editors are rubbing their hands in glee at the recent global financial market movements.
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September 8, 2015

So you own a small business? How’s your super looking? Or are you planning on working forever?

Research recently released by the University of Western Australia’s Business School suggested that for most small business owners, making appropriate and regular superannuation contributions for themselves was not seen as a priority, with many believing…
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