Welcome to Andrew Rowan Wealth Management.

It's remarkable how people today are focusing (more than generations of the past) on their lifestyle!  The importance of good financial planning advice, investment advice, wealth building, personal insurance, and retirement planning are being recognised and sought after more and more.

The greatest recognition though is that life is a long journey and everyone’s lifestyle was meant to be enjoyed.  We believe that sound advice and good planning is the key.

Throughout this site you will see that the cost of good information and advice alleviates the cost of self education through bad decisions.

Successful people leave nothing to chance, they obtain advice, have a plan that is comprehensive, and review that plan regularly.  They have a definite method rather than an adhoc approach to their financial future.

I hope that through this website you will see how we at Andrew Rowan Wealth Management can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

Andrew Rowan CFP