The cornerstone of any sound financial plan is a well structured insurance plan.

One of the secrets to attaining wealth over the long term is not too lose it. So it follows that a wealth creation plan as part of a comprehensive financial plan must address the issue of risk management for you and your family.

Your ability to work and produce an income is your most valuable asset.  It helps to fund the lifestyle that you and your family enjoy. Taking out insurance against illness, injury or death will financially protect you and your family against the unexpected.

At Andrew Rowan Wealth Management, we can also offer a comprehensive review of your personal insurance; we are not a call centre, or large financial institution. We take the time to listen, and consider the best type of insurance for you.

If you like to know more, please let us know.


We have provided you with this tool so that you can compare the cost suitable cover.   Our insurance quote engine will only provide premium estimates with Australia’s leading insurers.

So sure, there may be cheaper cover available, but in the end you get what you pay for.  We don’t think that it’s worth risking your financial future with inferior cover.

After you have completed the quote you will be asked for your contact details so we can email you copy of your insurance quote based on the information you provided us.