May 22, 2017

Changes to Superannuation are coming

On July 1 this year, a number of changes to our superannuation system are due to come into effect. These changes are the most significant changes we have seen to our superannuation system since the…
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Andrew Rowan Wealth Management - Small Business Superannuation
September 8, 2015

So you own a small business? How’s your super looking? Or are you planning on working forever?

Research recently released by the University of Western Australia’s Business School suggested that for most small business owners, making appropriate and regular superannuation contributions for themselves was not seen as a priority, with many believing…
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Andrew Rowan Wealth Management - Superannuation Changes
August 8, 2015

The Biggest Change to Superannuation we Have Seen so far

From July 1 this year there were some significant changes that came into effect involving the legislation surrounding access to superannuation.
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Andrew rowan Wealth Management - Retirement
July 21, 2015

How much is enough to retire?

When it comes to the question of retirement, do you know how much super is going to be enough to sustain your lifestyle through a long, active and happy retirement?
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Andrew Rowan Wealth Management - Superannuation Questions
March 1, 2015

The Ultimate Superannuation Question. Should You Do It Yourself?

Throughout our working life, one of the most pressing questions we will face is ‘am I building my superannuation balance enough for retirement?’ You know the shape and form of your lifestyle in retirement will…
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